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Critical Microsoft 365 Security and Documentation Best Practices


Join Liongard for a webinar all about Microsoft 365 security and management for Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Cloud Service Providers (CPS).

The informative webinar will cover the current cyber landscape, drilling down specifically to the risks associate with Business Email Compromise (BEC) and how they affect MSPs.

Our team will be demoing live, showing how Liongard supports Microsoft 365 security and documentation best practices.

All attendees will be entered into a drawing for $100 in Amazon Gift Card prizes. Register today for your chance to win!

Wednesday Sept. 16, 2020 at 1PM CST

“Liongard's automation is freeing up a whole person in our NOC. It's a second set of eyes, doing the things we'd normally have to do manually.”

Drew Hill

“We think Liongard may be the most impactful addition to our solution stack, as it will fill nearly all of the gaps existing between the PSA, RMM and our documentation system.” 

Matt Clines
President, ERGOS Technology Partners
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