Rock Your Data with Liongard + Gradient MSP

July 29, 2021 | 11 AM EST

Operating a successful MSP is all about quickly finding answers for your customers and your business.

Whether the question is “What went wrong?” or “What should I do next?,” you’re trusted to provide clear answers and guidance. Having access to accurate, up-to-date and clean data makes this easier.

Join panelists Joe Alapat, Co-Founder & CEO of Liongard, Colin Knox, Founder & CEO of Gradient MSP and Ian Richardson, Founder & CEO of Doberman Technologies for a round-table discussion on how data-driven insights can deliver a better customer experience and enable you to make critical decisions for your business.

Meet the Panelists

Joe Alapat

Co-Founder & CEO, Liongard

Joe is a successful entrepreneur in the Technology industry. His background includes over two decades of experience managing IT infrastructure for large enterprises, mid-market companies, and SMBs under the care of an IT Managed Service Provider he owned, operated and sold. Following his exit, he founded Liongard to address the growing challenge of managing modern IT at scale, especially with the proliferation of technology and subsequent lack of visibility, automation and insight needed to manage modern IT with confidence.

Colin Knox

Co-Founder & CEO, Gradient MSP

Colin took his MSP to exit successfully several years ago, which allowed him to focus on building Passportal, until that company was acquired by SolarWinds a couple of years ago. Since then, Colin has focused his energy on solving one of the big challenges that MSPs face – data management. Gradient MSP was founded in order to bring data equality to the channel, between MSPs of all sizes, and between MSPs and vendors as well.

Ian Richardson

Founder & CEO, Doberman Technologies

Ian Richardson is the CEO and Founder of Doberman. Ian is a nationally recognized IT professional, specializing in compliance, security, and business planning. Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, Ian’s passion and driving purpose is to help enough ways that the world is a better place. When not at Doberman, Ian enjoys traveling the world, writing, photography, surfing, and spending time with his wife Carrie, son Desmond, and step daughters Madison and Charlie.