Where the RMM stops, Roar begins.



It's important for you to understand how Liongard started, the problems we faced, and where Roar fits into your IT Managed Services practice. In short order, we hope this provides you a glimpse into what we do - watch when it's convenient to you.

Starting here, you'll quickly understand:

  • What Roar can do for your IT services
  • Where Roar fits into your process
  • How Roar can be used to drive profitability

Logging into Roar

Here's a quick peek into the user experience within the platform.

This video covers:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Administration Options
  • Native Multi-tenant Dashboard
Liongard | Relentless Security - Overview - v1.5

Connectwise & IT GLUE Integration


Watch how Roar's data lands in ConnectWise Manage and IT Glue. From there see how you can drill into Roar's automated configuration documentation for deep visibility into the system. In this example, we demonstrate an Internet Domain Inspector's finding, detailed documentation, and Roar's timeline.

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Roar automates the manual effort MSPs undertake to update system documentation across a customers technology stack. Best practice recommends maintaining and linking configuration documentation to tickets in order to efficiently resolve incidents.




Beyond the RMM

There's nothing better than seeing Roar in action, collecting configuration state data from the disparate systems you support.

But what about the cost?

  • Simple per customer pricing
  • Pay as you grow
  • No user limits
  • No additional costs for customer access

Get Started


Liongard | Relentless Security - Internet Domain & DNS v1.5

Internet Domain/DNS Inspector

At it's core, we firmly believe Internet Domain/DNS should be tracked for every customer you support.

This covers:

  • Inspector Overview + Dataprint
  • Inspector Setup
  • Alerts for misconfigurations

Office 365 Overview - updated 7-2018

Office 365

Visibility into Office 365 with recorded history, yes please!

This covers:

  • Inspector Overview + Dataprint
  • Inspector Setup
  • Change Detection
  • AD Connect visibility

Cisco ASA Sample Inspection

Cisco ASA

One of the most commonly deployed firewalls, Cisco ASA expertise is essential for leading MSPs to oversee. Roar captures continuous snapshots of the network configurations, rules, and tracks licenses to keep you ahead of any changes or misconfigurations.

This covers:

  • Overview of versions, licenses, uptime
  • Firewall rules
  • Running configuration details

Liongard | Relentless Security - TLS/SSL Inspection v1.5

TLS/SSL Inspector

Coupled with the Domain/DNS inspector is the TLS/SSL Inspector that's included at no additional cost.  We firmly believe applicable TLS/SSL certificates should be tracked for every customer you support.

This covers:

  • Inspector Overview + Dataprint
  • Inspector Setup
  • Alerts for misconfigurations

Liongard | Relentless - SonicWall Overview


Visibility into SonicWall without parsing through lines of code!

This covers:

  • Inspector Overview + Dataprint
  • Licenses
  • Firewall Rules

Liongard | Relentless - Windows Server Inspection

Windows Server

Roar's Windows Server Enhanced Inspector brings back deep configuration data beyond the RMM.

This covers:

  • Overview of hardware/software details
  • Users and Services Views
  • Security & Patching Details

Liongard | Relentless Security - Active Directory v1.5

Active Directory

At the heart of most of the clients you serve is Active Directory, now you have the ability to document everything that happens within your clients AD - automatically!

This covers:

  • Inspector Overview + Dataprint
  • Inspector Setup
  • Change Detection

SQL - Enhanced System Inspector 7/2018

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server powers many of today's critical business applications but very few MSPs have in-house DBAs to help support customers with the complexity it requires to manage. Roar's inspector gives detailed visibility to the users, databases, permissions and more.

This covers:

  • Overview of the elements of SQL
  • Users, Databases, Stored Procedures
  • Backup Statuses


Liongard | Roar: System Inspector Overview & Integration 6/2018

System Inspector Integrations

This list is moving fast, so there's a good chance we've already progressed since we created this overview, but here's a peek.

This covers:

  • What exists today
  • How you can influence further development
  • Where we are headed

Liongard | Relentless - Role Based Access Control

User and Permissions Management

Adding new users is easy.

This covers:

  • User info required
  • Two-factor authentication methods
  • Emphasis on the MSP in this video, not on the end client access, that will be covered in another session!

Actionable Alerts, Change Notifications & Integrations 7-2018

Rules, Change Detection, Agents & Integration

Here's a brief overview of some of the administrative features of Roar.

This covers:

  • Glimpse into rules for best practice configuration
  • Glimpse into alerts for detection of change within the systems supported
  • PSA and email integration